Yancheng institute of Health Science is a comprehensive full-time College of about 70 years. It is located at Yancheng City of Jiangsu Province, a beautiful city with pristine wetlands of Yellow River. The College consists of two campuses, in Jianjun Road and Jiefang Road of Yancheng respectively. The total area is 594 mu, and the construction area is 254000 square meters.

     The College was originally known as Huazhong Health School, established by New Fourth Army Headquarters in Jul. 1941. In 1958, it was expanded into Yancheng Medical School and Yancheng Traditional Chinese Medical School, which merged to create Health Science School in 1964. The School had been dedicated in the undergraduate programs since the introduction of college entrance examination system in 1977. In 1996, the School entered in the higher vocational education of 5 years. On Mar. 8, 2005, it upgraded to vocational college.

     At present, there are 358 staffs, including 325 professional teachers, 27 professors, 79 associate professors, as well as 85 teachers with master’s degree, 5 teachers with doctorate, 2 provincially well-known teachers and 1 teacher of the national “333 Project”. There are more than 7,000 full-time students of 14 specialties, including over 2,500 adult students. The enrolment rate has remained above 97%. So far, the College has totally more than 20000 graduates who serve our society. With a market-oriented focus, the College combines well the education, marketing, training and research. The College has forged alliances with numerous business enterprises. It also cooperates with more than 103 second-ranked hospitals in order to offer opportunities of teaching, training and employment. The employment rate is 94.2% and 89.5% respectively in Beijing 301 Hospital and Shanghai Changhai Hospital. The average employment rate is about 98% during the last three years.

     As one of the leading member institutions of the Committee of Health Education of Vocational Education Association of China, the College has four academic disciplines related to health care: Nursing, Pharmacology, Medical Imaging,Medicine, Medical Laboratory, as well as a Liberal Arts Department. There are 21 programs, 2 provincially branded specialties, 2 nationally-supported key programs, 2 provincially qualified courses and 2 provincially standardized textbooks. About 1431 papers have been published in journals; 300 in Kernel and 9 in SCI. Some teachers collaborated in editing 100 state-planned teaching documents as chief editors or participants. The College also publishes the magazine titled Health Vocational College Education.

     There are two national training bases that have more than 50 scientific research projects at provincial or municipal levels. The College was awarded several national, provincial or municipal prizes, such as National Natural Science Foundation for the Youth, Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress of Jiangsu Province, Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress of Huaihai, Prize for Natural Science Progress of Yancheng, Prizes for excellent academic achievements, etc.

     The College has cooperation with the hospitals and professionals of United States, Canada, Germany, Japan and Thailand, etc. Based on the successful participation in the Australian ICN Educational Corporation International Nursing Training Forums, the College has reached agreements with Australian colleges and sent students to study abroad.

     The College has assets valued about RMB340 millions, including teaching facilities of over RMB48 millions. The library collects over 461,000 books and more than 880 various periodicals, in both Chinese and foreign languages.

     With the philosophy of "sincerity, compassion, love, beauty, cleanliness, and intelligence," the College realizes great advance in the education and research in the area of health care. The honors that the College enjoys are:

——Harmonious Campus of Jiangsu Province

——Garden Campus of Jiangsu Province

——Safe Campus of Jiangsu Province

——Water-saving campus of Jiangsu Province

——First prize in comprehensive assessment of Jiangsu Province, 2009 and 2010

——Advanced Teaching Staff Preparation of Jiangsu Province

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